Something Like A Pro…


So, as Thing 4’s basketball coach used to say…”I’m something like a pro”.  Let me explain.  Thing 4 played on a basketball team that traveled quite a bit for tournaments.  And as you could image, keeping elementary aged boys entertained on the road was a priority for all parties involved, kids and parents…those of you that have had elementary aged boys will identify with that priority.  So, usually we would try to find a Main Event or something similar so that the boys could play and parents could socialize.  Thing 4’s coach often liked to find one of those establishments that also had bowling lanes…you see he fancied himself “something like a pro”…which meant he thought he was pretty good.  Truthfully, he was.  What he didn’t know is that growing up my mom was a youth bowling director…I lived at the bowling alley.  So, I always gave him a run for his money, and we always had good belly laughs complete with trash talking and jeers (about bowling, mind you).  Those were good times!

Let me get back on track…so this week, I fancied myself “something like a pro”.  I took a drive down the Turner Turnpike to Oklahoma City for a Google conference.

Grow With Google

Google hosted some free workshops…finally something I don’t have to pay for…thank you  God!  Some of y’all think I’m real techie…I’m not…I’m a little techie, and a lot determined. The event was held at the Devon Boathouse and it was a great event!  I took an Online Marketing class and a class on Using Data to Drive Growth.  Armed with this enlightening new information, I’m not quite feeling “something like a pro” yet, but sitting in on these classes definitely made me feel like this can really be a job and not just a hobby!  That makes me feel useful, and that’s a good thing!

By the way, the information I gained is basically the same information that my hubs business has used in the last 6 months to help grow their business.  It works.  Hubs paid a lot of money for this info…a whole lot.  So, here’s my free advice…if you own a small business, do a search for Grow With Google…lots of information there.  It’s work, no one will do it for you, but the info is out there for you to dive into.

Figuring It Out

This whole “I bought a web site thing” is still a little like the Wild West to me, but slowly I’m starting to figure some things out.  My big breakthrough this week was figuring out how to get an email address that has at the end of it.  Really you wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, I had to do a little digging…but I did figure it out.  Yay, me!  I also figured out how to post directly to my website instead of what I did on my last post.  At a girl, me!  Next up, figuring out how to get the newest post to pop up to the top of the page.  Good stuff!

I have plans and dreams for great content and video…it’s a little ways down the road…hang in there with me, I promise it’ll be worth the wait!  In the mean time, leave me a comment…tell me about what your dream Girls Trip would be.  I’ve got a couple things lined up and in the planning stages, but I’d love to hear what you’ve done or what you dream getaway trip looks like!


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