Day 1 In Scottsdale

Girl Time

Now the fun stuff…Girl Time!!!!  This is a rarity for me as Things 1-4 are all boys!  I love my boys, but not a one of them is interested in hanging out on a patio on a beautiful 75 degree day for girly, fruity drinks and appetizers.  Oh the inhumanity of going to a restaurant on vacation and not ordering at least one thing off of every section of the menu…nope, the Things would not have any part of that!  Buuuuttttt, on my girls trip, with my person, Elizabeth, that’s exactly how we kicked things off!  Drinks and appetizers on the patio at Tommy Bahamas with a dear friend, Brooke, who is from our area. She happens to have a vacation home in Scottsdale.  Brooke was still in Scottsdale soaking up the beautiful views and sunshiny weather over our kids Winter Break.


Ever catch your friends while your on vacation?  It’s the best! ” Vacation you” is generally so much more relaxed and fun to be around, am I right?  I love running into friends while on vacation…no rush of school schedules, practice schedules, or what you’re gonna get on the table for dinner, or even worrying if you’re gonna get anything on the table for dinner at all.  “Vacation you” can be present without being preoccupied…it’s the best!  So, we hung out for a couple hours drinks in our hands, catching up, one coconut shrimp at a time.  Yum!!!  Seriously though, the appetizers and drinks were really good, the whole patio is shaded, and the tables were not sitting right on top of each other. It felt more like we were at home hanging out on one of our own patios instead of at a restaurant, which is nice!  On top of all that I got a lesson in microblading…do you even know what that is?  Am I the only one Late To The Party (LTTP)??? I think in a house full of boys and sports and never ending laundry and endless amounts of food, I’m always LTTP.  For those of you that don’t know what microblading is…it’s like semi-permanent eye brows.  I see the allure of it…not having to fill in your eyebrows every day…that’d be nice.  Not sure I can see myself doing it, but Brooke has done it and it looked amazing on her!

Tommy Bahamas Restaurant and Bar is located in the Kierland Commons, an outdoor shopping center in Scottsdale. So, of course we took in a little retail therapy before we parted ways.  The Commons is one of the better places for shopping, restaurants and bars in town.  It’s a beautiful area with plenty shops for all types.  Click here for a list of shops if your interested to see what is there.

IMG_2314 (1)

Elizabeth and I peeled ourselves away from our patio dining and retail therapy session to go check in to our room at The Westin Kierland Villas.which just happen to be less than a mile away from the Commons!  Bonus!!  We got checked in…our room is beautiful and spacious, and this property has just finished renovating the rooms.  We are in a one bedroom suite that has a full kitchen, a living area with fireplace, and a huge balcony overlooking the golf course and mountains in the distance.  It is just what us two mommas need to help us #unwind on our trip.  We unpack, get settled in to the room, then decide we’d like a few items from the store for our room…since we have the kitchen and all.

We All Do It

So how many of you go to the the same places on vacation that you always go to at home???  We all do it!  The first evening of our stay, Elizabeth and I went to Target…it was to pick up water, a few snacks for the room, and blister bandages for the blister I got on my heal from my Chuck Taylor All Star shoes…because I just haaaddd to try to look cute for the flight out…ya know, pictures and all (insert eye roll here).  At any rate, back to Target…it is a well known fact that no one can go in to Target and only purchase the things they went in for…duh.  Here we are, on our girls trip adventure, wandering aimlessly through the isles, oogling and googling over all the cool stuff that we don’t have at our home Target yet.  One new shirt (because the shirt I’m currently wearing in the Target has a hole in the armpit…hello hotmess), one new fabulous pair of earrings that I don’t need, one case of water, a few healthy snacks, and one box of blister bandages later and we are out of Target…only to move on to………Whole Foods.  Seriously?

So here’s the silly conversation I have in my head…with myself…Me: Hey, how was your vacation?  Also Me:  Awesome, I flew 1,065 miles away from home, rented a car, and stayed in a hotel so that I could shop at Target and Whole Foods.  Two places that are literally 3 mile away from my actual home!

In my defense, I have weird food allergy stuff…so I stop at a Whole Foods in almost every city that I visit.  The bonus is that with great authority that I can tell you…not all Whole Foods are created equally.  For instance, this particular Whole Foods that we visited in Scottsdale had the largest beer and wine section I’ve ever seen at a Whole Foods.  Come to think of it…this store is easily the largest Whole Foods store I’ve been in thus far.  It had an awesome grill area, beer and wine on tap…it was impressive.  Talk about a great place for singles to meet that isn’t a bar…

Between our Target raid and Whole Foods run and getting up at 3:30am for our flight…we are beat!  We decided to skip getting fancied up for a nice meal, and instead headed to a place called the Shake Shack.  It’s small cheeseburgers, thick milkshakes, rootbeer and local beer both on tap.  The menu is easy, it’s super clean, great outdoor patio seating, and it’s in the Keirland Commons shopping center area.  So, was super close to our room.  It was the perfect way to wrap up our busy day.

Suggestions From Day 1

The Westin in Scottsdale has both a resort and villas in which you can stay.  The resort is over the top amazing…check it out here. Both are close to each other, and super close to the Kierland Commons and the Scottsdale Quarter.  The hotel has a walkway that leads over to the Commons, and the Quarter is just on the back side of the Commons.    We did not make our way over to the Quarter, but it looked just as amazing as the Commons.  It’s another outdoor shopping area with restaurants and bars as well.  Click here if you want to check out stores and restaurants at the Scottsdale Quarter.

The patio at Tommy Bahamas was super chill…go for happy hour!  Happy hour offers small plates and drinks at a discount.

We came in to Scottsdale on a Thursday. The concierge at the Westin suggested that we eat in the bar area of Dominick’s Steak House.  Apparently this is the thing to do on Thursday nights! This particular concierge was spot on for a couple of other suggestions, so I’d say this is probably a good suggestion as well.  This was our Target and Whole Foods night…we were just too tired to do anything that evening.

Our flight was early and our layover was short…so by the time we made it to Scottsdale we were starved and brunch sounded good.  We had brunch at a place called Butterfield’s Pancake House.  They had some unique pancakes that were really yummy!  They even had a gluten free option that tasted good.

A couple of other breakfast places that got good reviews, but we did not visit were Snooze and  Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles.  Snooze is located in the Kierland Commons.  If you stay at either of the Westin’s, it would be really close!

I’m a research hound!  What are some of the ways or websites that you use to research your trips?  I’d love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Day 1 In Scottsdale

  1. I’ve only recently heard of microblading, too. I agree that it looks great on people who have had it done, but I just can’t get behind the idea of permanent anything. Trends change too much. Super thin eyebrows have been “in,” as have fuller eyebrows…even further back, they wore them high and arched (please God don’t let that come in style during my lifetime). Who knows what we will want our eyebrows to look like in 20 years!


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