Girls Trip…Because It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

NIOVE4415Destruction brings about change.  Sometimes we are ready for it, sometimes we are not, but the outcome is always the same…change.  As I’ve gotten older, I find change more difficult, and absolutely necessary.  Want to lose 20lbs…something has to change.  Want to lift heavier weights…something has to change.  Want to be a better cook…something has to change.  Want to be a more understanding person…well, I’m not sure that anyone consciously thinks about that part…but when changes happen…hopefully, understanding and maybe occasionally wisdom are byproducts of the change.  I’m a person who has had some significant changes in my life, both good and bad.  All have changed the filter in which I view my life in some way, shape, or form…and all have broadened my understanding, expanded my grace (eventually), and most have increased my wisdom to some degree.  Some change is good and easily accepted, and some change is good and we fight it tooth and nail.  Sometimes it can be really hard.  I’ve been a little absent in my posts because of some hard changes, and I’m not trying to be cryptic…no one died, no one is divorcing, no one has had catastrophic health issues come up, but nonetheless, this particular change has been hard and I’m not fully ready to share…hopefully, I’ll be ready one day, but now is not the time.

While this girls trip to Grand Cayman had been planned months in advance, the timing of the aforementioned change and the timing of the trip was just what this girl NEEDED.  There is something about sunshine filled days and being at the ocean that absolutely centers me.  Like, it’s super crazy…I have an autoimmune condition that always starts the process of subsiding when I’m at the beach…stress make the condition flare up…so I physically see changes when I’m at the beach for any length of time.  Crazy, right?  And what a great excuse for me to tell hubs it’s time for a trip to the beach???

Now, while I do not believe that you have to have something catastrophic happen to you to NEED a girls trip…I do believe that there are times when we just want to get away, and then there are times when we NEED to get away.  Although, with over scheduled lives becoming the norm, I think that the line between want and need is becoming blurred…often times we are so busy being busy that we don’t recognize that we need to “schedule” in a break for ourselves.

Life happens.  Life is happening.  We can all come up with a million different reasons to not make whatever recharges our battery a priority.  You CAN NOT fill from an empty cup.  The laws of sewing and reaping are biblical and unbreakable.  If you are sewing busyness, you will be busy.  If you are sewing happiness, that happiness will be reflected back to you…if your so busy that you are unhappy…well, it all makes its way back around in the end.  The more time that I spend with my girl friends, whether on a girls trip or at a coffee shop, I see this more and more.  The human experience, life, happening to all of us.  We all have struggles and setbacks, of course non of those make social media appearances, and we all have triumphs and victories…some big, some small…but all worth sharing with your good girl friends, who will cheer you on, or help you pick up the pieces.  What I love about a girls trip is that time seems to stop, and what I mean by that is the busyness stops, the thousands of seemingly endless and unimportant decisions that we instinctually make, stops…we get a chance to live in the here and now…and enjoy it, laugh until we cry, feel deeper, be vulnerable, be crazy…just be!

Have you ever planned a girls trip?  Have you planned a girls trip with girls who have families?  It’s complicated!  This girls trip started off with me asking two of my friends if they wanted to try to go to the Kentucky Derby!  How fun, right?  It then switched to a couple of days at one of my favorite properties in Cancun, Mexico.  And it ended up being just two of us in Grand Cayman!  Stuff comes up…you just roll with it.  I see funny memes all the time that show the inception of a girls trip and how everyone and their brother is in on the trip, and as the date approaches or if deposits are due, the group keeps dwindling and dwindling, and by the end…there is only 1 girl left committed to going on the trip.  In the next blog I’ll get down some details about the how to’s of planning a girls trip, and give some details about how and why this trip had so many changes.  Also, I’ll have some safety tips for traveling as a woman, by yourself or in a small group.

This post was more about giving a reason for my absence and letting you know I’m back at it…full of good travel info and cute, funny stories to whisk you away, even if it’s just for a few minutes of your day.

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