Girls Trip Guide to Grand Cayman

CKLYE9715Sometimes you just need a girls trip.  In a family full of boys, I’m always outnumbered…so when we travel as a family I’m often the activities director, and those activities do not include shopping, working on my tan, and laughing until I cry.  On family trips I’m in MOM MODE…y’all know what I’m talking about.  I love being a mom, and I cherish our family trips.  But, there is something so enticing and energizing about grabbing a couple of girl friends and just being women for a few days…not moms, not wives, not girlfriends, not activity directors, not chefs, not chauffeurs…I know y’all understand where I’m coming from.  This momma was in NEED of a girls trip, so I called up a couple of my gal pals, Amy and Somer,  and we got one on the books!  The trip changed a couple of times from our original idea, but that is life these days.  (I’ll soon have a new post about how to organize a girls trip.)  We settled on a relaxing beach trip to Grand Cayman.  Grand Cayman is a small British Owned Territory south of Cuba and east of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea.

QDXME2111Grand Cayman’s most popular beach is Seven Mile Beach.  This beach has held the honor of The Caribbean’s Best Beach on more than one occasion.  It’s a public beach and you can walk the entire stretch no matter where you are staying on the island.  As you can probably imagine, most of the resorts and hotels are located along Seven Mile Beach.  My friend Amy and I stayed at the  Westin Grand Cayman.  I mentioned another friend earlier, Somer, she had something very important come up and ended up canceling last minute…we missed her dearly, but understood why she couldn’t come.  After lots of text messaging back and forth, Amy and I decided we really just needed a break!  We had both just had lots of chaos in our lives recently, so we just wanted a short little to vacay to decompress and unwind.  So, the gorgeous oceanfront location of the Westin Grand Cayman was perfect for our trip

Grand Cayman is a super easy, short flight from the Mid-West.  The flight cost is roughly the same as a flight to Mexico.  Mexico was actually one of the options we had thought about going to, but he State Department had put out a travel advisory for Mexico, so we switched our trip to Grand Cayman.  With the price of the flight being approximately the same…if you are looking for somewhere beautiful and beachy, and way less crowded…Grand Cayman might be a good option for you too!

IMG_E4084 (1)Let’s talk deets!  Where to eat and what to do on Grand Cayman!  Restaurant options on the island are plentiful and plenty good!  And, with Grand Cayman being a port stop for lots of cruise ships there are tons of activities and water sport options to choose from.  My friend Amy is a total foodie!   If you have a foodie friend that loves to travel, these type of people make for amazing travel buddies!  Food is culture!  It’s one of the ways we experience new places…be it a new region, new country, new island.  Food is the great connector, at least it can be…eating is something every single human does….it’s one thing we ALL have in common.  I have to say that my most memorable meal was our Sunday Brunch at the Westin at Ferdinand’s.  In all transparency, hubs and I stayed at this Westin in Grand Cayman about 6 years ago…and the stand out of that trip was also this Sunday brunch!  So, I could not wait to share it with Amy!!!  If you click on the link you will see the basics of the menu, but that does not even begin to describe or do justice to this brunch.  Truly, only one word could describe it and that is EPIC!!!  The food is amazing.  They have it set up in a way that delights your senses, not does not overwhelm you…and with the shear amount of food being offered at this brunch buffet, that could very easily happen.  I happen to love seafood…it’s one of the reasons that I like to travel out of landlocked Oklahoma.  The brunch buffet offered a carving station that had both roast beef and a whole roasted red snapper, there was a sushi station, a shellfish station, and prepared fish dishes in warming trays in another area of buffet.  Seriously, this brunch is a fish lovers dream.  It also had lots of dishes for folks just wanting breakfast that is a little “extra”  if you know what I mean…pineapple pancakes, orange juice french toast, a parfait bar, and the most gorgeous dessert bar.  My foodie friend and I tackled the desserts in a very strategic manner!  Top all of that off with champagne or a mimosa…heavenly!

YIHGE6277Some of the other amazing meals we enjoyed on the island were at Morgan’s Seafood RestaurantCatchPepper’s Bar & Grill.  I would highly recommend Morgan’s and Catch for more upscale dining.  Pepper’s had amazing jerk chicken, which the Caribbean Islands are known for…it has a dive bar feel and is a local hang out for sure!  Morgan’s is an ocean to table, casual gourmet restaurant.  It has a cozy atmosphere, and it’s right on the water…I loved the British West Indies feel that the bar area had and their wine storage area was impressive as well.  We had great food and impeccable service.  Grand Cayman Travel Tip – Make sure you know which Morgan’s you are going to before you get in your taxi.  There is more than one Morgan’s and they are not even remotely close to each other!  Catch is another amazing seafood restaurant on Grand Cayman.  It’s another dockside eatery with an amazing menu and an impressive wine list.  Grand Cayman is an international destination, so you see more variety in the types of wines and alcohols served there.  Catch is upscale with out being snotty or pretentious.  Good food, great service, amazing views…you can’t ask for much more than that.  I have a food must do on a girls trip…find a dive bar type place with good food and good music.  All the locals said Pepper’s Bar & Grill would foot that bill.  Amy and I really wanted to try something “jerk” while we were on the island.  Jerk is a Caribbean blend of spices.  The jerk chicken at Pepper’s did not disappoint!    I’m a baby about hot foods, so I was concerned that the jerk seasoning might be too much for me…but it was flavorful without heat…so, so, so good!  As for the rest of the food at Pepper’s…eh…stick with the jerk!  They did, however, have an amazing drink called the Pepper’s Punch…it was yummy, in a very girly fruity kind of way!

RMPDE9743 (1)As for activities, there are plenty of things to do on Grand Cayman.  There are things like Turtle Town and Stingray City…submarine tours and jet skis and snorkel tours.  Scuba diving and snorkeling is really what Grand Cayman is known for.  For this girls trip, we were really just looking to relax.  So, our entertainment was more about not having to go, go, go and do, and less about booking endless activities to keep us busy.  We were more than happy to have what I loving call a “slug-day”.  We rented a cabana at the beach in front of our hotel, and literally did nothing…all day….you should absolutely try it…it’s amazing!  The Westin Grand Cayman has about 4 different types of cabanas…the one we chose had a hammock…which I stumbled in and out of multiple times throughout  the day.  The cabanas offer cozy lounge chairs, shade, and a call button for service if you should need anything, like lunch or a drink.  Taking that day to do nothing was exactly what both of us needed!  During our extended weekend, we did book a sunset catamaran cruise with Red Sail Sports.  Red Sail Sports had representatives on site at the Westin that could book any kind of excursion you might want to go on…be it snorkeling, a bbq cruise, or a trip to Stingray City to swim with the stingrays.  Our sunset cruise was perfect…not overcrowded, the waters were super calm, and there was just enough wind to bring the sails out to full mast.  It was spectacular and one of the more memorable things I’ve done on a trip thus far.  Amy and I also went shopping in the capital city, Georgetown.  Georgetown is full of jewelry shops!  Need a Rolex, a Breitling, a new piece of jewelry from Cartier?  This is the place to get it!  In Grand Cayman, certain luxury items are duty-free…jewelry is one of those luxury items.  I was not in the market for any jewelry, however, while walking around Georgetown we did see Atlantis Submarines.  We were able to book and go on a semi-submersible boat tour.  It’s a glass bottomed boat where the hull sits about 5 feet below the surface of the water.  Wow, the reef around Grand Cayman is fully breathtaking!  I would highly recommend an Atlantis Submarine tour to anyone that visits the island.  They have several tour options…even a submarine tour at night!

REPME9303The beaches and the waters of Grand Cayman are gorgeous.  With amazing temps and views like these…it’s a girls trip dream get-a-way.  I hope I’ve tempted you to plan your own girls trip to Grand Cayman…just a few days away in the sun, with a girly fruity drink, an appetite for amazing food, and lazy days to reconnect with yourself.  Relaxed and refreshed ready to come back and give your best to your family, your friends, and even your work.

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